Charles Benayon

Founder & CEO of Aspiria

The Power of Positive Thinking

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We all know it’s hard to stay positive. There are hundreds of things that can “bring us down” and turn our daily outlook towards the negative.  As an owner of an EAP service company, I know just how important staying positive can be and not only for myself, but for my employees and most importantly for my clients.

Whether you are dealing with employees, students, vendors or clients, by focusing on the positive one can bring about positive results. This theory is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that ‘like energy attracts like energy’.  I have personally put this idea into action by believing that my clients can ‘hear’ my smile over the phone and so I always make a point of smiling (even if it is in my mind only) when I am speaking to them on the phone.

When dealing with people in business, it’s best to always take the high road and put the power of positive thinking behind your actions. Here are 4 ways to help you stay positive in business:

  1. Be Prepared.  Preparation can help you stay positive in your business because it allows you to anticipate what could happen and prepare for that possible outcome. And when you stay positive, good things tend to happen.
  2. Persevere. You’re not going to get it the first day, but you plant a seed and you water it and you continue to grow that idea.
  3. Have a Plan. Remember that there is a difference between a wish and an intention.  A wish is often a hope to fix something that isn’t working in your life.  An intention implies a plan to get you where you want to be.  A plan helps you stay positive about your future.
  4. Cut yourself some Slack.  80% of the things we worry about do not occur and for the other 20%, well, there are just some situations that are just out of our control. Period.


Above all, never forget that you are the person in charge and you ultimately are the person setting the course for your business and your life.  You don’t need to let the negative thoughts or opinions sway your course.

How About You?
Do you apply the principles of positive thinking in your business? If so, how has this helped you in your business? I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below.

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