Charles Benayon

Founder & CEO of Aspiria

About Aspiria

When Aspiria Corp. was created in 2003, the company embarked on a journey to incorporate the expertise of the best minds in the mental health industry to produce a best practice approach to EAP services.  This occurred as a result of Charles Benayon’s vision of the EAP industry moving to large scale consolidation with the winds of change creating a gap in the EAP market for the small and medium sized company.  Coupled with genuine and sensitive customer service, what resulted in the market was a quality and “Better Alternative” to traditional EAPs.

With steady growth since 2003, two of Aspiria’s key milestones were realized with our merger with LINK Employee Assistance Professionals Inc. in 2007, and our strategic alliance with The Empire Life Insurance Company in 2011.  The collaboration with Empire Life resulted in the creation of a new Employee Assistance Program, AssistNow™, designed specifically for Empire Life Group Benefits customers.

Today, Aspiria is a Canadian-owned, boutique EAP company with a strong national presence whose key personnel have over 75 years of EAP experience dedicated to providing customized mental health solutions to empower organizations and their 50,000+ employees and their families.

As we celebrate our 10th year as a progressive mental health company, Aspiria continues to pursue service excellence, focus on solution-focused counselling and, the prevention of illness.

Visit the Aspiria website for more information and to learn about Aspiria’s EAPs.

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